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Yin Yoga addresses the needs of the deep layers of the connective tissue system including joints, bones, ligaments, and fascia, to improve flexibility, increase stamina, and regulate energy in the body. Poses are held between 1-8 minutes and largely focus on the legs, hips and back. In this candlelight practice, enjoy a profound sense of relaxation and balance as you explore postures, breath, and meditation from a yin perspective. Read more...


Are you looking for the right opportunity to bring yoga into your life?  Do you keep making up excuses for why you haven't taken the first step?  No more excuses.  Loretta Zedella is leading a 4-week series for those who wish to bring the life enhancing practice of yoga into their world.   Read more...


What keeps most of us coming back to practice yoga is the feeling that practicing creates. In this workshop we are going to explore how the energy of the practice is deeper than a pose. Read more...