Amy Lee

The path that led me to yoga was rocky.  Maybe even a little messy.  I grew up in a very un-yoga-like environment.  Not a lot of peace and calm.  Meditation was mentioned as a joke.  I have a very odd memory of an image of a male yogi with his ankles behind his head in a glass box (which I could actually do at the time, sans the glass box).  This is what I thought yoga was.  Fast forward to my late 20’s when I thought I was in fantabulous shape and invincible…I took a hot yoga class with a girlfriend and did NOT enjoy it.  I spent an hour worrying that I would pass out.  A few years later I took another class and felt very out of place because I didn’t know any poses or what the point was.  I didn’t enter the yoga world again until I was 39 and pregnant with my first child in 2010.  I suppose I have my oldest daughter, Hazel, to thank for getting me to a yoga class (prenatal) that finally got through to me.  

I was looking 40 in the face when Hazel was born.  Then soon after, Vivienne, and then Axl.  My view of my life and family did a very abrupt 180.  My career was still important to me – I actually thought it defined me – but I knew with 3 kids ages 3 and under I couldn’t continue to be #1 in my career and the kind of mother I wanted to be at the same time. So I made the very difficult decision to resign from my 22 year career in corporate America.  It only took a few days home with my little angels, without the weight of my career on my shoulders, to realize a few very important things.  First and foremost, I had waited too long.  At that time in my life, I was meant to be with my young family.  Second, my career didn’t at all define me.  I was much more than a successful female in a very male dominated field.  The maternal and nurturing side of me that had been fighting for the stage for the past few years was finally front and center…where she was meant to be.  And third, it’s OK to let go.  That can mean many things to different people.  To me it meant letting go of how I had been living life for a long time (stressed out to the max, burning the candle at both ends, living up to other’s expectations, always wanting to do more, more, more) and releasing my firm grip on old ideals and habits. This allowed me to follow a more natural, open-minded, less controlled course (my family is very grateful for this!).

I knew I would want to work again, but I was determined to stay far away from technology and the high-pressure, cutthroat career I had just left.  I spent months thinking of ways I could use the communication, management,and business skills I had learned in that past life and apply to them something that was good for me, my family, my community and that would keep me close to home. It was right under my nose.  I recalled how surprised I was when I first moved to Bexley from Chicago, 8 months pregnant with #2, that there was no yoga studio here. I had learned to love yoga in Chicago in my first pregnancy and wanted to give that same gift to baby #2. Months without yoga, and I really missed it!  Opening a studio in our very family-focused and health conscious community had been in the back of mind since that time, but it was daunting. I mean, folks, I wasn’t even a yoga instructor.  But I didn’t let my inner critic stop me from moving forward.  I researched, I studied, I second guessed, I cried, I got certified to teach yoga.  And then…I just did it.  I can assure you I NEVER dreamed I would own a yoga studio.  But I let life guide me here. I have never been happier.