Hanna Fidler

Hanna believes in bringing love, laughter and positive energy to every class. She feels it is very important to be in a personal place with her students and for them to feel challenged, safe and relaxed.

Hanna started practicing yoga while earning her B.A at The Ohio State University. She had suffered through chronic back and knee pain since high school due to years of competitive dance, soccer and professional cheerleading. The high impact physical activity took a toll on her body and she thought surgery would be the only solution for relief. Shortly after being told that she would need back surgery, Hanna discovered yoga and was able to prevent the surgery! Her consistent practice helped her heal so much, that she was inspired to spread the yoga love as much as possible! This led her to complete a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification and a Youth Yoga Certification. She then received the amazing opportunity to co-lead a Youth Yoga Certification Program which led her to begin teaching kids yoga. She is currently studying for her NASM Fitness Certification to increase her overall knowledge of injury prevention, exercise physiology and muscle conditioning for strength and endurance training. Her vision is to help her students gain awareness of their bodies to prevent future injuries while simultaneously developing strength in every aspect of one’s self in a fun atmosphere!

Hanna is also a Dance Choreographer and a Performance Instructor and tries to incorporate her background in the arts into each class. In her spare time, you can find Hanna eating. Always eating. Her food pyramid is primarily comprised of pancakes, tacos and pizza. She also has a baby kitten that constantly jumps on her, so don’t be alarmed if it looks like she got attacked by a thorn bush and lost. If you have any fun stories, new restaurants or yummy recipes to share with her, Hanna is all ears! She is also always open to talk about how yoga has changed her life and to guide her students to achieve the same outcome.