Meet Hanna – our new Studio Manager!

Everyone, meet Hanna. Hanna is our new Studio Manager! You will see her at the studio on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and popping in and out on the weekends. You may already know her from attending her Fusion Flow and Heated Power Sculpt classes on Thursdays. If you don’t know her, please stop in to meet her!

Hanna will be doing many things for the studio.  One of the greatest values she will bring to you is complimentary 1:1 wellness consultations. All new and existing clients are invited and encouraged to schedule a consultation to discuss your wellness goals, challenges and needs.  The result will be a personalized plan for you to help you meet your goals through the studio services. Think of it as a Concierge service!

Hanna is someone who will understand your yoga journey. She had chronic back for years before starting yoga. She was in and out of medical facilities, and even had knee surgery during that time. Once she established her yoga practice, she became strong enough to avoid back surgery. She believes with the loving guidance of yoga and the support of the Bexley Yoga team, you too can be led to self healing. Hanna is thrilled to have the opportunity to help you create the plan that will lead you to REAL RESULTS! 

In addition to being an experienced yoga instructor for adults and kids, Hanna is a dancer, actress, choreographer and former professional cheerleader. She attends every teacher training she that she can to be as informed as possible about body mechanics and the mind-body connection. Hanna is also an avid volunteer and received the Prudential Spirit of Community award from President Bush in 2006. She’s awesome, folks!


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