Raina Vyas

Originally from South Dakota, Raina began her professional career on Wall Street in sales and trading at Goldman Sachs. After several years, she left banking for a project manager position in the Research and Analysis division of the NYC Economic Development Corporation. Raina stayed in this position for several years until she moved to Philadelphia and accepted a financial consulting position working with distressed local and state governments. During her time in finance Raina competed in and mentored numerous endurance events for Team in Training. Being involved in these events helped Raina further develop her passion for nutrition and health and wellness. Thus, after six years in finance, Raina switched careers to become a health and fitness professional. She earned a graduate degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, became an advanced 360 Certified Wellness Coach, and an ACSM and NASM certified Personal Trainer.

While completing her Master’s Degree and certifications Raina worked at The University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Recreation as a Personal Trainer and PennFit Wellness Instructor.
After completing her graduate degree Raina served for several years as the Public Health Outreach Coordinator for Student Health Services at the University of Pennsylvania. In this role she assisted Penn students in developing healthy lifestyles strategies and programming. Raina later accepted a position as the Health Promotion Specialist within the Office of Human Resources Division at the University of Pennsylvania. In this position she was charged with developing and implementing health programming for 15,000 Penn faculty and staff with the goal of creating a culture of health and wellness at the University of Pennsylvania.

Since leaving the University of Pennsylvania Raina has developed a deep love for barre and Pilates. She realizes that her passion lies in not being behind a computer screen developing wellness programs, but instead being on the ground interacting with the people she works with and helping those individuals make healthy lifestyle decisions. Raina has her Barre Intensity certification and is completing her Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates certification.